Savour the real taste!

Taste the coast – and experience the gratifying results of innovative cooking in an intense encounter with the treasures of the sea. We invite you to great seafood meals at each of our restaurants, where you will find that everyone does their utmost, with insight and passion.

You are visiting one of the largest and purest seafood pantries in the world! Let us tell you what we do to bring out that real flavour.

Taste the Coast – a gastronomic network

We have certified 38 dedicated restaurants in Norway. Each gives seafood a place of honour

on their menu. Taste the Coast is a stamp of quality – and each link is decisive. The chef uses knowledge and care, the waiter spices the presentation with good stories, the fisherman or fish farmer knows when each fish species is at its best, and our wholesaler makes sure each ingredient is rushed to our kitchens. Marine researchers and many others play their roles.

Taste the Coast is a result of everyone’s Contribution. You can taste the passion!.